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COSTA RICA , a tiny country that forms the land bridge between North and South America, is almost too good to believe. Although slightly smaller than West Virginia, it has more species of mammals and birds than the continental United States and Canada combined, unmatched flora that includes over 3,000 species of wild orchids alone, world class rapid rivers, unparalleled sport fishing on two coasts, and world famous national park system. Even beyond its political stability and pacifism (the Costa Rican constitution forbids a standing army), Costa Rica is internally peaceful. It is possibly safer to walk the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica than the streets of San Jose, California or any other city of comparable size in the United States. It is also cultured and clean. There is over 90% literacy in this peaceful, 150-year-old functioning stable democracy. You can safely drink the water and eat anything that strikes your fancy.

COSTA RICA WELCOMES FOREIGN GUESTS.... Costa Rica's great beauty and open people have attracted immigrants from all over the world. The annals of Costa Rica's proud history are dotted with English, French, German and Italian surnames. Costa Rica continues to attract foreigners. Presently, over 20,000 U.S. citizens make their homes in Costa Rica.

CLIMATE.... Temperatures in Costa Rica are more mild than one might expect in the equatorial tropics. Day time high temperatures are usually in the high 80īs F along the coast, lows at night are in the 70's. The Central Valley (altitude 3,000 to 5,000 feet), which includes San Jose, is noted for its eternal spring-like weather with average temperatures in the high 60īs F. The rainy season in Costa Rica is from mid-April through mid-December. Although rain is always a possibility in the jungle, you can be almost certainly guaranteed of beautiful sunny weather in January during your stay at CreArte.

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"Walking in the Stars, Samara Beach"
Oil on Canvas, ©Cynthia Kennedy

Nayuca Waterfall, Dominical

Oil on Canvas,
©Cynthia Kennedy

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Samara Beach

Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

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